Sustaining Forests

A source of livelihood for millions, forests store carbon, purify drinking water and provide habitat for wildlife. They also enable us to make products people depend on every day. At International Paper, our entire business depends upon the sustainability of forests.  

We are taking action to ensure healthy ecosystems for generations to come. We work with landowners to advance responsible forest management practices and increase the availability of certified fiber. We also work with conservation organizations to support healthy forest ecosystems, enhance ecologically important areas, and conserve and restore forests worldwide. Most importantly, our fiber sourcing policies and practices support our commitment to protecting forests. We source fiber from responsibly managed forests to protect them for current and future generations.

As part of our Vision 2030 goals to build a better future for people and the planet, we are committed to leading forest stewardship efforts globally. This includes a target to source 100% of our fiber from sustainably managed forests or recovered fiber while safeguarding watersheds and biodiversity, and a target to conserve and restore 1 million acres (400,00 hectares) of ecologically significant forestland.

International Paper's Key Commitments

Keeping Forestland Forested
We recognize that encouraging responsible stewardship is one of the keys to protecting global forestlands and ensuring a sustainable supply of wood fiber for our business needs.

Supporting Forest Ecosystems
We are committed to ensuring the health of forest ecosystems, championing responsible forest management practices and promoting third-party certification.

Maximizing Fiber Use, Recovery and Reuse
We continuously improve our new fiber yields and fiber reuse capacity and efficiency to create high-quality products using fewer natural resources.